Seneca Falls and the Women’s Rights Park

Yay, Seneca Falls!

After my show last Wednesday in upstate NY, I drove to Syracuse – 140 miles. In the rain, on country roads. Yikes! I thought I’d sleep in a bit on Thursday, but no luck. I gave up and got on the road.

I ended up being really glad that I had. Along Highway 90 from Syracuse to Rochester, there is a little town named Seneca Falls. My interest was immediately piqued. Seneca Falls, of course, was the site of the first Women’s Rights Convention, in 1848. Anyway, I turned off the highway, drove into town, and found this:

A National Monument! For women’s rights! How thrilling! I was suddenly grateful for my insomnia! It gave me the extra time to explore. And so glad that I had the extra time – yay insomnia!!

There was a lot of cool stuff, both in and outside of the Center. This, from the inside:

One of the many inspiring quotes in the Center.

And a walk along the river led me to this sculpture:

Statue of Susan B. Anthony meeting Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Anthony and Stanton’s friendship proved to be turbulent, but together they were a force for justice for women in this country.

I really enjoyed my time in Seneca Falls. It was a sweet gift in the middle of an enjoyable, but sometimes exhausting tour.

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