Alfred University: Radical History and Exciting Interdisciplinarity

Steinheim Building at Alfred University

Another stop on my college performing tour has been Alfred University. It’s another place where I’ve learned more NY history. I had no idea that upstate NY was so full of radicals, dating back into the 1800’s!

Alfred University was started in 1836, and it was co-educational from the beginning. Further, it became racially integrated in the 1850’s. Needless to say, both of these were unusual for the time.

I had a great time with the students. I did an improv workshop, and the show, and hung out with the students after both. This is a group of deep thinkers! I had a lot of fun talking with them about their lives and their thoughts on the world.

Rachel, me, Neisha, Ari and in the front, Kit – the awesome Spectrum gals, my hosts at Alfred U.

Another great thing about Alfred U – they emphasize science/art collaborations. So of course I felt right at home. In fact, I enjoyed my time there so much, I started talking with students and faculty/staff about artist in residency possibilities. We’ll see where it all leads!

The “Village of Alfred”.

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